How to determine the sex of a kitten?

determine the sex of kitten


    Male or female kitten?

    It is more difficult to determine the sex of a kitten than of an adult cat. Even specialists like veterinarians can sometimes get it wrong when it comes to determining the sex of young kittens. So, male or female kitten? In this article, your magazine gives you the keys to differentiate a small male kitten from a female kitten.

    Where to examine my kitten?

    In order to determine the sex of a kitten , make the necessary arrangements for your fragile little felines. Make sure the young kitten is in a warm place where it feels safe. Young kittens are very sensitive to the cold. This is the reason why they snuggle up to their mother during their first weeks. Absolutely examine your little kitten’s genitals in the warmest room of your house or apartment.

    Kittens and their mother

    Do not separate kittens for more than five to ten minutes from their mother. This could compromise the physical health and mental stability of tiny cats. Just lift the kitten’s tail slightly. The latter will surely react with surprise, because he hardly appreciates that his tail is touched. Even less when it comes to examining it.

    Male or female kitten : h ow do I examine my kitten?

    • If you scratch the base of your kitten’s tail, there’s a good chance they’ll spontaneously lift it up and let themselves be examined.
    • It is essential to proceed gently and carefully. Before examining your kitten, it is recommended that you pet and talk to it to calm it down.
    • Lay it on a towel or on a warm fabric with a pleasant material, so that it feels good.
    • If he is strongly opposed, put him down close to his mother and try again a little later.

    Appearance of male and female genitals of kittens

    When you see your kitten’s genitalia, you will see two small openings one above the other. The first, at the very top, is the kitten’s anus, under which its genitalia is located. Upon closer inspection, you will notice that the lower organ either looks like a small vertical slit or a tiny hole.

    In the first case, this might look like a kind of little “i”. In the second case, it would rather be a resemblance with a colon “:”. Kittens whose sex looks like this “i” are female, and kittens whose sex is more like a colon are males.

    If the difference isn’t obvious, there is another clue that can help you determine your kitten’s gender. In females, the space between the genital organ and the anus is greater than in males, and their genitalia is positioned higher than that of males. If you can see some kind of lump or pocket, this is the scrotum, and therefore a male. It is possible that at their age, the testicles of kittens may not yet be visible.

    Male or female kitten: the coat index

    There are other totally different factors that can give indications about your kitten’s gender. For example, the color of the coat can help you determine if your kitten is male or female. Tortoiseshell patterns on the coat, characterized by parts of the coat that are reddish and black in color, are found almost exclusively in females. This characteristic occurs in transmission linked to the X chromosome. The same goes for the alleles that determine the red and black color of the coat, each present on an X chromosome.

    Knowing that males have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome, their coats cannot have both colors. This would only be possible in the rare case of a defective gene. Due to their genetic predispositions, totally red cats are almost exclusively males.

    Whether they are male or female, red tiger or gray tiger, stained with black and white or with turtle scales, zooplus wishes you real moments of happiness in the company of your kittens .


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